A Little Historical Context

Posted by on Nov 10, 2016

Abraham Lincoln is considered by historians one—if not—the best President the US has ever had. He worked in changing this country even when those around him sought to prevent such change from happening. He ultimately payed the price with his own life. Lincoln, who was a Republican, back when Republican actually cared about people and not giving tax breaks to millionaires, was shot by a Democrat. The president who preceded him was a Democrat by the name of Andrew Johnson. Democrats in those days were the party of the KKK.

Johnson came to power when Lincoln was assassinated as he was his VP. As soon as he was officially sworn in, he tried to overturn just about everything Lincoln did. He considered black slavery and their freedom a distraction. His presidency was rife with corruption and failures. He refuse to go after the KKK which was engaged in lynching of black folk in retribution for the loss of the Civil War. Ultimately, he was impeached. He is considered to be the worst president in our history. He passed the Southern Homestead Act, of which many slave owners took advantage of to prevent freed salves from buying their land or stealing land from them.

America’s greatest president was followed by America’s worst president.

Johnson finished his term and was followed by Ulysses S. Grant, Lincoln’s general during the Civil War. A drunk, but a drunk that got things done for the less fortunate. One of this first acts was to enforce the freedom of black slaves and go after the KKK.

We could only hope that history repeats itself.


Posted by on Jan 2, 2016

I have been on sabbatical from commercial photography. Currently, I’m just experimenting and shooting with the iPhone.

In the meantime, I have started a collection called Abstraction. Hope you guys and gals like it. I will later put info on how to purchase the prints.